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FREE Nine page guide that takes you through it step by step.

The biggest challenge for new podcasters is how to get started

The second-biggest challenge is maintaining momentum and growth.

This guide has been designed to get you started step by step, as well as help you grow your podcast audience.

Why Podcast?

We lay out the incredible growth of podcast listening just in the last couple years.
- one in four people now listen to multiple episodes every month
- studies show organization with podcasts enjoy 89% higher brand awareness
- podcast listeners tend to be more highly educated and earn a higher income than average

How to do it

In some ways podcasting is really simple once you understand the steps. We provide:
- a 12-point checklist for getting started and growing
- specific equipment we recommend (cheap or moderately priced)
- our recommendations for the best host platforms

How to grow audience

Creating great content is really important but there's more to it. We offer tips from our years of experience and success in growing big audiences for dozens of clients. From how to advertise to promo swaps and feed swaps.

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About Us:

Stories and Strategies is committed to producing and marketing podcasts for our clients that will grab the attention of their chosen audiences and help drive them to desired actions.

We take the time to understand your business strategy and how a podcast weaves into that. Then we develop content that’s engaging, entertaining, and driven by results.

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Stories and Strategies have been wonderful to work with on The Speak Good Podcast. We get some terrific marketing insights to help us grow the podcast.

Brad Phillips
The Speak Good Podcast

Brad Phillips

I knew my subject matter but was new to podcasting. The team at Stories and Strategies are true professionals in their craft.

Kate Mason

Kate Mason
The Parenting and Personalities Podcast

Stories and Strategies

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