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Frequently asked questions

This will vary mostly depending on the complexity of plan we need to build with you but our standard rate is $1,895. Book an online meeting with us and we’re happy to quote you a specific price after we’ve had a chance to understand more.

Typically 4-6 weeks to successfully launch. If you’re more ambitious we can meet your timeline.
Absolutely. This will be part of the planning process. And we’ll work with your budget to make sure it fits.
Stories and Strategies began as a podcast in 2020 but quickly incorporated to offer podcast services to clients as became evident there was a need. We’ve worked with nearly 200 clients in that time. The President, Doug Downs, has 40 years marketing and broadcasting experience. You will work directly with Doug.
Definitely but there are some key strategic considerations when it comes to investing in a video-driven podcast. Keeping people interested in video (as opposed to audio) is significantly more challenging and if You Tube’s algorithm detects your per episode consumption rates are low (how long people are watching each episode) it can punish you in terms of searchability. Video needs a specific video strategy.
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