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40% of us now listen to podcasts monthly. One in four listen to at least one podcast episode almost every day. If your brand needs to communicate with people, podcasts need to be part of the mix.

There are two ways to go, either start your own podcast, or advertise in existing podcasts. 

Are you being heard?

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Some of the podcasts we work with



I am potentially interested in starting a podcast, but want to know more.


I have a podcast, I’m convinced it’s pretty good, but want stronger growth


I have a podcast but could use some help on one thing (or a few things)


I have a podcast and could use some experienced coaching on my presentation / delivery / interviewing skills


I don’t want to start a podcast, but I would make a great guest and could use some coaching


I don’t want to start a podcast, but I’m interested in learning more about podcast advertising

About us

Stories and Strategies is committed to producing and marketing podcasts for our clients that will grab the attention of their chosen audiences and help drive them to desired actions. For some clients that means a global focus. For others they want to focus on a specific city or community. And for others it’s about a focus on specific interests and psychographics. We take the time to understand your business strategy and how a podcast weaves into that. Then we develop content that’s engaging, entertaining, and driven by results.

Powerful stories help us learn from one another’s experiences, shape, strengthen or challenge our opinions, attitudes and even our values. Stories compel people to make decisions and take action.

Our team is comprised of seasoned professionals in audio and video production, strategic communications and marketing planning, as well as presentation training.

Doug Downs, President

Doug started his own radio station when he was still in high school so a podcast production company isn’t a big leap. Nearly 40 years later his experience includes award-winning radio and tv journalism and host, leading communications strategies for corporations on multi-billion dollar projects, and media and presentation coaching with executives, politicians, business leaders, Olympic athletes, and Ted Talk presenters.

More recently Doug has worked with dozens of clients across three continents to develop podcasts that meet their business goals and strategies. 

Cameron Sullivan, Audio and Video Editing

Cam’s been working in professional broadcasting for a decade. He’s committed to audio and video production with a strong narrative focus. His skills include mastering, audio mixing, and both audio and video editing for films, podcasts, and music.



Neal Matyas, Audio and Video Editing

With decades of broadcast experience, Neal is very familiar with what looks good & sounds good. He is well-versed with editing, producing, graphic design and digital animation across countless software platforms. Working at a television station for many years, as well as running a content creation business on his own – his dedication to the craft cannot be paralleled. 

Contact us

Use this calendar link to book your free consultation. 

Or just email us at info@storiesandstrategies.ca.

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