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Whether your focus is global, or community-targeted, Stories and Strategies produces attention-grabbing podcasts

We take the time to understand your business strategy and how a podcast weaves into that. 

Then, we develop content that’s engaging, entertaining, and driven by measurable results. 

Our team is comprised of seasoned professionals in audio and video production, strategic communications and marketing planning, as well as presentation training. 

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From concept to your first stream, Stories and Strategies is with you every step of the way. Our team of editors and producers will work with you to choose music, make promos, record your podcasts, and most importantly - get your podcast FOUND on all major platforms. 

We know the strategies and measurement tools specific to the podcast industry. Websites, social media channels, and email blasts are all good, but most podcast listeners learn about new podcasts from other podcasts.  We will build and execute the plan for you including promo swaps, interview swaps, intro swaps, feed swaps, as well as examine whether advertising in other podcasts is the right move for you. None of this is complicated, but it’s knowing what other podcasts to approach and that’s where our experience comes in.

You’re ahead of the curve! Audio ads activate echoic memory in listeners. They’re more likely to respond to a call to action through audio than any other channel of communication. We help you plan your ad, write it, record it, edit it, distribute it, and measure it. And if your goal is to advertise in a specific community, we can do that, too. And the best part? Our approach with podcast advertising isn’t to take a percentage of what you spend - we will only charge you an hourly rate. 

 It takes experience as a coach to coach - not just experience as a practitioner. Just ask Wayne Gretzky...

Our President, Doug Downs, has been providing media training and presentation coaching since 2001. He’s worked with CEOs of global companies, Ted Talks presenters, Olympic Athletes, and thousands of others who need to sharpen their presentation skills. He also brings 15 years’ journalism experience conducting over 11,000 interviews and working with dozens of journalists to hone their interview skills. Let's work together to support you in your podcast needs.

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