Apple Podcasts is Introducing Transcripts Feature

Apple Podcasts is set to launch a new feature later this year: transcripts within the podcast app.

So, how does this work? The new transcripts feature allows listeners to read the full text of an episode, search for specific words or phrases, and even tap the text to play from that point in the episode. As an episode plays, each word is highlighted, making it easy to follow along. These transcripts can be accessed directly from the episode details page. Simply touch and hold a podcast episode to reveal an option to view its transcript.

This feature is particularly beneficial for those who prefer reading to listening or for anyone who wants to quickly locate a specific part of an episode. It’s a game-changer for the podcasting community, offering an inclusive experience for all listeners.

Apple takes care of the heavy lifting by automatically generating transcripts after a new episode is published. Your episode will be ready for listening immediately, and the transcript will follow shortly after. It’s important to note that if your episode includes dynamically inserted audio that changes over time, these segments won’t be displayed in the transcript. Additionally, music lyrics are not included in the transcripts.

In terms of availability, this feature will roll out with iOS 17.4 and will support podcasts in English, French, German, and Spanish. Back catalog episodes will also be added over time. Transcripts will be accessible in over 170 countries and regions, making this a truly global feature.

For podcast creators, managing transcripts is straightforward. When you submit your show to Apple Podcasts, transcripts will be automatically created. However, if you prefer to provide your own, you can change the transcript setting in the Availability tab on your show page in Apple Podcasts Connect. If you choose to provide your own transcripts, they will be ingested using the RSS transcript tag, subject to quality standards. It’s crucial to check if your hosting provider supports transcripts.

Apple Podcasts Connect also allows you to adjust transcript settings for specific episodes. You can select the episode, edit the Audio and Transcripts section, and choose “Use a custom setting for this episode.” After making your choice, simply save the settings.

Transcripts are also available for download in Apple Podcasts Connect. Creators can edit and submit changes by linking the new file in their RSS feed. To ensure the best experience for your audience, maintain high audio quality, set the correct language in your RSS feed or Apple Podcasts Connect, and accurately set explicit content settings.

If you’re providing your own transcripts, ensure they are in the correct file format (VTT or SRT), free of spelling and punctuation errors, and include all episode segments.

This feature is poised to make podcasts more accessible and interactive than ever before. To delve deeper into this exciting update, visit Apple Podcasters Support for more information.

Apple isn’t the podcast app ramping up its features as podcasting continues to surge in popularity. In recent months, Spotify has also announced a series of enhancements.